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Turn your shower into an instant Spiritual cleanse with Angel Essence 


Angel Essence helps to cleanse your aura of stagnant energy and remove any physical, mental, emotional and spiritual blockages you may have. Because this is helpful for cleansing your aura, this will help transmute any negative energy to energy full of love, joy and happiness. These products are blessed by ChaelaBre with the aid of angels to fully cleanse your mind, heart, body, and soul as well as raise your vibration!


This is great for anyone who may be

  • Experiencing financial blockages or hardships

  • Having relationship problems (dealing with anger, sadness or anxiety affecting relationships and communication)

  • Experiencing anxiety and depression 

  • Having a tough time focusing or concentrating on tasks

  • Low on energy

  • Having trouble communicating or are closed off from receiving love

  • Dealing with any stress whether mild or sever

  • Having negative thoughts or a challenging time being positive

  • Wanting to clear their energy and cleanse their aura

Angel Essence | Energy Cleanse SHOWER GEL

  • Packaging: Products will be shipped with a 6oz bottle with an instruction card with suggested affirmations.


    Ingredients: Castille soap, blend of herbs


    Directions: Use as you usually would for a shower, relax and envision what you intend to manifest. You may also use the suggested chants on the card that came with your order.

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