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Renew is a healing shower gel meant to provide healing energy to your aura and assist with your healing process.  This will also help release any heaviness associated with heartbreak, loss, and trauma. Healing is essential, and although it may happen with time, setting the intention to heal NOW will help you overcome emotional pain much quicker and with ease. This will help promote more love for yourself and others, as well as forgiveness. These products are blessed by ChaelaBre with the aid of angels to help heal your aura and bring ease and peace to your heart. 


This is great for anyone who may be:

  • Experiencing heartbreak from a past relationship or loss of loved one having trouble loving themselves

  • Having a tough time with forgiveness of themselves or others

  • Experiencing physical or emotional pain/trauma

  • Full of shame or guilt for whatever reason unable to express emotions or emotionally numb

Renew | Healing SHOWER GEL

  • Packaging: Products will be shipped with a 6oz bottle with an instruction card with suggested affirmations.


    Ingredients: Castille soap, blend of herbs


    Directions: Use as you usually would for a shower, relax and envision what you intend to manifest. You may also use the suggested chants on the card that came with your order.

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