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Unhex is meant to help restore energetic balance to your aura. Sometimes energetic imbalances happen through negative intentions (or hex/curse) set upon you by yourself or others which creates overwhelming negative energy and brings intense bad luck into your life. This can happen suddenly for you or even over time.


Unhex helps remove hexes placed on you and restores balance to your life. Unhex is blessed by ChaelaBre to remove evil magic, hexes, and even toxic love bindings. This can stop negative attacks and ruin associated with it. Which in turn can help restore peace and balance in one’s life. This also includes a layer of protection to shield your aura and prevent further hexes. 


This is great for anyone who may be:

  • Cursed or hexed by someone

  • Taking one step forward and three steps back

  • Experiencing intense unexplainable bad luck

  • Feeling like nothing good ever happens to you

  • Unable to get ahead

  • Experiencing sudden change for the worst

  • ·Speaking negatively of themselves too often          

Unhex | Remove Curses SHOWER GEL

  • Packaging: Products will be shipped with a 6oz bottle with an instruction card with suggested affirmations.


    Ingredients: Castille soap, blend of herbs


    Directions: Use as you usually would for a shower, relax and envision what you intend to manifest. You may also use the suggested chants on the card that came with your order.

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