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3 Day Success

  • 299 US dollars

Service Description

5 VERY POWERFUL SPELLS in a 3 day ceremony! Starting with: Day 1: Unhex/cleansing - To remove any hexes/curses and restore luck and balance. As well as cleanse the mind/body/soul and remove any negative energy as well as blockages that prevent growth and progress. Day 2: Ahari| Manifesting /Crown of success - Crown of Success will help you achieve success in your endeavors and Ahari will help enhance any manifestations you may have for future endeavors. Day 3: Protection - This will provide protection to your mind/body/soul as well as your future plans that are to be enhanced by the previous spells. This is great for anyone looking for success in anything and want all blockages removed and for success to be nearly guaranteed!

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Cancelation Policy

You will only be allowed to cancel up to 24 hours before the ceremony.

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