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  • How often should I do a cleansing?
    I reccomend a cleansing very 1-3 months!
  • Can I purchase a ceremony for anyone at any age?
    Yes, you can!
  • What can I expect to feel from a soul tie removal?
    When you have a soul tie removal done, you should feel less of a connection/feelings towards that person as well as a feeling of a weight being lifted off your shoulders. Feeling healed is also common, but it takes time. These are just some of the effects as it varies from person to person.
  • Can the cleansings help remove financial blockages?
    Yes, I make sure to remove any physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual blockages. I remove financial blockages as well, but make sure to specify that!
  • Can I purchase a service for someone else?
    Yes! You can purchase any of my servies for anyone!
  • How quickly do results happen?
    Results vary from perosn to person. Some see results immediately, while others may see results after two to three weeks.
  • What is the process?
    After booking, there is nothing else you need to do. A completion video will be uploaded to my instagram shortly after the ceremony is scheduled to take place.
  • Is this virtual or in-person?
  • Do I need to be online at the time of the ceremony?
    No, you don't!
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