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Ever just had "a feeling" something was off? Now it can be enhanced.

Clairsentience is specifically designed to enhance the psychic ability also known as psychic feeling. Spelled by Chaela Bre Ahari with spiritual alchemy that will stimulate the senses, this candle helps you tap into your intuitive abilities and feel the energy of people, places, and situations. Whether you're new to your abilities or looking to strengthen your skills, this can help you connect with your inner senses and seriously help you become a master in your divination.

Clairesentience - Psychic Feeling

  • Packaging: Products will be shipped with a 6oz bottle with an instruction card with suggested affirmations.


    Ingredients: Castille soap, blend of herbs


    Directions: Use as you usually would for a shower, relax and envision what you intend to manifest. You may also use the suggested chants on the card that came with your order.

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