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If you’re looking for an increase in your finances, Money Flow can be a good start to your journey. Money Flow is blessed by ChaelaBre with the intent to bring financial freedom and attract financial abundance into your life! 


This is great for anyone who may be:

  • Feeling stagnant in sales in their business 

  • Wanting to earn more money in their job or career 

  • Experiencing financial blockages or disparity 

  • Just wanting to attract more money into their lives 

Money Flow | Fast Money BATHSALT

  • Packaging: Products will be shipped with a 12oz bottle of bath salts along with an instruction card with suggested affirmations.

    Ingredients: Coconut oil, Epsom salt, Dead Sea salt, blend of herbs, mica powder

    Directions: Use as much as needed for bath, relax and envision what you intend to manifest. You may also use the suggested chants on the card that came with your order.

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